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My daughter LOVED going to the mini musicians class and can’t wait to do it again! Karli is amazing with all the kids and it was so fun to see my kiddo learn so much and share with the rest of us.

Jenny Williams

Karli is so wonderful. My kids love coming to piano and voice lessons. She makes lessons fun and educational. She is a great mix of teacher and friend! Love, love, love her!

Alicia Brimley (Parent of Two Students, Son (5), Daughter (9- Voice & Piano)

Karli is such a great piano teacher! My kids are always excited and motivated to go to piano. Her enthusiasm is contagious. It’s obvious that teachings kids isn’t just a hobby for her, it’s something she’s been professionally trained to do.

Leslee Ash

I have three children (ages range from 7 to 3) who attend Notes Music Studio. Two of our children are taking piano lessons with Karli and her TA and one who attends the Mini Musician's course and we couldn't be happier!

Karli is an experienced educator who also has a passion {and talent} for music. She is *literally* always upbeat, positive, and proactive! She truly is a lovely human being! We are thankful for her ability to continually make learning fun and are equally impressed with her ability to tailor lessons to individual needs. Karli is also very responsive to questions, willing and ready to collaborate, and interested in her student's holistic musical progress. Not only do we trust her to help our children learn effectively, but also trust her with their care, safety, and well-being while they are at lessons.

We are particularly impressed with her group lesson systems. Our oldest 2 are able to attend their piano lessons together each week (while still receiving individualized attention and instruction) and then participate with a wider variety of students each month in leveled group lessons. We really appreciate knowing that they are learning a variety of skills socially, emotionally, and mentally.

Mini Musicians is the number ONE thing that my 3 year old looks forward to each week and we have noticed that he has developed a greater love for music and learning in general. It is a great enrichment to traditional preschool or a way to promote social interaction while also learning positive life and musical skills.

We can completely recommend investing your time and resources by enrolling with Karli at Notes Music Studio!

Ashley Dunkelburger

I have two children who have been taking piano lessons with Karli for years. I am constantly impressed with the progress they are making and with her talent for teaching!

Maggie Crockett

My daughter loves going to her music lessons here. She is in the choir and piano has a blast every time she goes. Everyone I’ve met has been so kind. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Alicia Morgan

My daughter was in the choir class and absolutely loved it. She looked forward to choir every week. It was fun to listen to her sing at home and at the recitals. Thank you Karli for all you do!

Alethea Straight

My 2 year old daughter LOVED the Tiny Tunes class. I was looking for a way to expose her to music and to do something fun that was just for her (her brother is involved in his own activities). Tiny Tunes was perfect! Not only was she introduced to all kinds of instruments, it also helped her to break out of her shell and be less shy! We didn’t hesitate to sign up again for the next class.

Kelsey Lythgoe

Karli and her crew at Notes Music Studio are amazing! My kids absolutely love going to piano/voice lessons. She finds way to make learning to play piano fun. My kids are always telling me about the fun games they play to learn music. Karli is the sweetest person my kids just love her! You can tell she really loves teaching music, you won’t find a better teacher than Karli!

Ashlee Snarr

Notes Music Studio is amazing. My kids look forward to going every week because they aren’t just sitting with their teacher for 30 minutes, they are rotating between 3 different stations for a whole hour. They are learning way more about notes on the piano & how to play in many different positions. Karli is amazing and very sweet, and is the best to work with. I give them 5 billion stars & highly recommended it to everyone! 😁

Jessica Brandt

Well my little Gunner is excited to be in Mini Musicians He loves to be there!! I am not sure exactly what you are doing with him but he LOVES LOVES LOVES music!!! He asks 
all the time is today music!!! This is the most loved class he has taken!! Thanks for everything!! It's the best!!!!

Julie Nelson

Tiny Tunes has been such a fun addition to our week! My little 18-month-old son gets SO excited to go. When I tell him we're going to go make music he just says, "Music! Music! Music!" Miss Karli is such a good and kind teacher and is super patient with all the kiddos, and does an amazing job with getting them involved. We've registered for the Fall session and I'm so excited.

Emma Rodriguez

Karli explains new piano concepts in a way that is very easy to understand.

Digger Dolan (11 year old piano student)

My favorite thing about your teaching style is that you make learning the piano fun.  I’ve never had to talk Aiyana (daughter) into going to lessons, she always looks forward to seeing you!

Ammity Holbrook (Parent of 10 year old daughter)

My kids look forward to their piano lessons with Karli. She makes them laugh and she smiles a lot! My kids wanted to take lessons from someone young and new; that’s Karli!

Lynn Dolan (Parent of two students, son (11), daughter (9)

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